Training Certificate Verification

What does it mean to be MARS-certified? 
At netPolarity’s core is our training program, MARS (Mater Accreditation in Recruiting and Sourcing). We empower all our recruiters and sourcers from the start with our industry-best training program which consists of month-long classroom instruction covering employment law, critical technology concepts, skills-based and behavioral interviewing methods, complex sourcing techniques, candidate management, rate negotiations, and post-hire employee care. Basic certification means the recruiter or sourcer completed the class and achieved performance requirements to be eligible for a recruiting or sourcing residency at netPolarity.
Elite-level signifies that the certificate holder completed at least one year of recruiting or sourcing residency at netPolarity. It means the certificate holder has hands-on experience sourcing and recruiting for a wide variety of roles in a high-volume, fast-paced, and metrics-focused environment.  
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